Basic Tips for Vehicle Maintenance

Owning a car can be something we take for granted, and you don’t realise just how much you rely on it until something goes wrong. Taking care of your vehicle will keep it in optimal condition, while ensuring it is safe and reliable. A safe car will get you where you need to go, and regular maintenance will save you on long term repair costs and prevent the value of your car from dropping more quickly than it should. Regardless of the age and make of your car, here are our top tips for basic vehicle maintenance:

Here Are Our Basic Tips For Vehicle Maintenance;

Keep it Clean

A task you can do yourself for very little outlay, is to keep your vehicle clean. Bird droppings and the sun can quickly ruin your paintwork, so parking your car undercover will prolong the life of your exterior. Sticking to a schedule of washing once a week or fortnight, with any spots being removed instantly will help to retain the shine. Try to avoid any cheap, harsh products or abrasive cloths as this could affect your paint. Every three months treat your car to a wax treatment which will protect the finish. Invest in a cordless vacuum cleaner to quickly remove any dirt and grime, and always use car seat covers and floor mats.

Don’t Miss a Service Is Essential For Vehicle Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure, and when you commit to your regular service appointments any small problems can be fixed before they turn into bigger ones. During minor services, the mechanic will inspect the vehicle and determine whether anything needs to be repaired or replaced. This includes any filters, hoses, brakes and belts. In addition, they will generally change the oil and the oil filter while checking the fluid levels. If there is anything specific which is bothering you, it is important to raise your concerns for your own peace of mind. Building a relationship with a trusted mechanic will allow them to get to know your car and flag any major issues before they occur. If parts do need to be replaced, used parts can save you a significant amount of money and may be a viable option.

The Tyres Matter

The tyres on your car are subjected to varying speeds, bumps, weather conditions and corners and maintaining them is essential. Checking your tyre pressure once a month will increase their lifespan, and the right pressure level can be found in the owner’s manual of your car. Keep an eye on the tread, and look for signs of any damage and visible wear. Rotating your tyres every six months and having your wheel alignment corrected as required will lengthen the time between tyre replacements.

The Little Things

Vehicles have become more sophisticated in recent years, and understanding any warning lights and signals will often tell you whether a problem is urgent. Know your car and check your oil, water and coolant on a regular basis. When you drive your vehicle regularly, you will know if something isn’t running as it should and this should serve as a reminder to check in with your mechanic. Simple things like changing your windscreen wipers to prevent scratching will make a difference to how comfortable your car is to drive. Use quality fuel and try to fill up before the light comes on as letting your fuel tank run dry could lead to potential damage…and stress!

At Advanced Auto Wreckers we are able to source used parts for a range of Ford and Holden models. To complement this, we have a mechanical workshop based in Maddington, WA where our professional mechanics are available to service any car. Please contact us today for more information about vehicle maintenance, or for any other needs.

Basic Tips for Vehicle Maintenance