5 Tips for Buying Used Car Parts Online

The internet has opened up a world of opportunities, and now it is possible to buy used car parts online. Used parts are generally cheaper than new ones, and for older models it can be quicker to source what you need. As an added bonus, when you choose something which has been recycled it helps the planet by reducing what ends up in landfill. While online shopping is convenient, there are a few risks attached so you do need to be cautious.

If you are looking for a specific part and have decided to venture online, we have compiled 5 tips to make the process safer and easier:

#1 Get the Right Part

Sometimes close enough isn’t good enough, and this can be true for certain car parts. Before purchasing take the time to verify the part number, make, model and year to make sure it is a perfect fit. If your new parts will be on display, for example a new door, colour matching could save you from having to invest in spray painting. Keep your options open because sometimes when purchasing multiple parts or bulky items it could potentially be cheaper to buy an entire car just for parts than individual pieces.

#2 Know the History

Do your research on both the car part and the place you are purchasing from. If you are not picking up the item in person ask to see a photo, and once received, check that it is the same as what you have been given. The mileage of the part could make a difference to the quality, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask whether it is simply used or repaired, and remember, an original part is always better than an inferior duplicate.

#3 How Urgent is it?

If you have the time you will be able to shop around, but if a part is urgent you should check that it is currently in stock or whether it needs to be ordered in. Consider where it is located, if it is overseas there may be long delays for shipping. It is often better to go local, and an auto wrecker should be your first point of call. If you are looking to save money, only go to the dealer if you really have to. If shipping is required, make sure it has tracking to ensure your part doesn’t get lost along the way.

#4 Unexpected Extra Costs

Be aware of any additional costs such as postage and handling. Sometimes you may be able to haggle on price, and it is always worth a try. Compare prices of the same item to avoid getting ripped off. Enquire whether the price includes GST and if the warranty comes at an extra cost. Choosing an auto wrecker which has a qualified mechanic may be convenient if fitting is required.

#5 Be Mindful of Security

When purchasing used car parts try to choose a reputable company which is both trustworthy and has contact details readily available. A good auto wrecker will offer you a warranty or return policy, a receipt and payment methods which are secure. If the part you are looking for is available, often buying local will be more efficient as you can view it in person before purchasing. If there is a fault and postage is required, find out who is responsible for paying any return shipping costs.

At Advanced Auto Wreckers we are experienced in used auto parts and service the Perth region. We give our customers the opportunity to search for selected Holden and Ford parts online, and if you can’t find the part you are looking for we will try to source it for you.


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5 Tips for Buying Used Car Parts Online