Car Wreckers

It’s Where Smart People Get Their Spares

When you need Ford and Holden car parts in Perth at an affordable price, your first phone call should be to specialist Perth car wreckers, Advanced Auto Wreckers, in Maddington. Advanced Auto Wreckers are real Ford and Holden enthusiasts, with a commitment to customer service and a knowledgeable team of mechanics and technicians. They know the wrecking business inside out. 

How Wrecking Works 

Sadly, accidents happen every day of the week. Depending on the damage insurance, assessors decide whether your vehicle can be repaired or whether it should be written off.  When older cars reach the end of their useful life, they become unreliable and too costly to repair.  Whatever the circumstances, when it’s time to say goodbye to your damaged Ford or Holden vehicle, Advanced Auto Wreckers are the people to talk to.  

Experienced Perth car wreckers, Advanced Auto Wreckers have been in the business for over 20 years.  We have a track record of being leaders in the dismantling industry. Their focus is on providing exceptional customer service and will only sell or use the best used parts they can find.  Everything is tested before sale. Plus, we offer a three-month warranty of auto parts for your peace of mind.

Advanced Auto Wreckers are well known and respected in the trade.  We are accredited Capricorn suppliers and proud members of the Motor Trades Association (MTA)

With extensive knowledge of the different series and models throughout the entire Ford range of vehicles, we carry parts, panels and spares for everything from Ford Territory, Falcons to Focus and Fiesta. Keen to add value, we have an in-house wreckers workshop in Maddington and offer general repairs, log book servicing and parts fitting across Perth.

Acknowledged and the premier auto wrecker in Perth, Advanced Auto Wreckers buy Fords and Holdens in almost any condition and will pay market value for the wreck.  For the DIY enthusiast, we can help with hard-to-find, quality spare auto parts and a bit of free advice.  

Salvage And Recycle 

Advanced Auto Wreckers have access to early and late model Fords, offering a treasure trove of spares and replacement parts.  We sell everything from glass and mirrors to panels, complete drivelines to engine or gearbox parts, seats, wheels, tyres and a whole host of smaller parts.  All sell for a fraction of the price of a new car part.  

Looking After The Environment 

Car wreckers may not be the first industry sector you think of as environmentally responsible, yet recycling is a major part of our business.  We dispose of car engine oils and other potential contaminants in line with stringent government regulations. Panels and glass is removed, engines are assessed and all useful parts are salvaged, catalogued and stored.  Anything that can be recovered such as metals, tyres, glass, batteries, rubber hoses and belts, oil filters, radiators and mats is removed and recycled offsite.  This significantly cuts our environmental footprint and reduces what ends up in landfill. 

Buying From Your Local Ford Wrecker Saves Time And Money

If you have money to burn and time to wait, you can buy your parts from a dealership. Buying the same part from Advanced Auto Wreckers is more affordable and efficient. Salvaged auto parts are genuine Ford and Holden car parts and have been tested.  They are as good as brand new and better than some cheap, after-market brands that are manufactured to a price point. Plus, because the part is already here in Perth, there’s no “wait awhile” for it to be shipped over from the Eastern states or overseas.

Supporting Local Business Helps Fellow Western Australians

Having a reliable and trustworthy source for used Ford car parts in Perth is a great local resource and one that more and more smart Ford and Holden owners are taking full advantage of. Buying from a local company that employs local people means that your dollar stays in Western Australia and is supporting local Perth families to pay their bills and keep a roof over their head.    

Contact Us 

If you need help with tracking down a part for your Ford vehicle, give the friendly service team a call on (08) 9459 8155, send an enquiry to  or fill in the form on our website.