Taking your car to an auto wreckers? Read these FAQs first

Not sure about what to expect or what to do when selling your car to a wreckers? As a used car parts dealer in Perth, we often get asked questions from new customers about how to sell their old or partly damaged car for parts. 

To help you prepare for your first visit, we’ve put together some of our most frequently asked questions and some tips on what to do before bringing your car in. 

Do auto wreckers buy old cars?

While you might think that an old car might not be of much value anymore, there are always buyers who are looking for specific parts which are no longer being manufactured – as the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

At Advanced Auto Wreckers, we specialise in Fords and Holdens, but will take a variety of car types. 

How much do wreckers pay for cars?

The amount of money you’ll get for used car parts can range, depending on your car’s make, model, and condition. 

Based on our experience in the industry and knowledge of the current market, the most in-demand parts such as radiators and catalytic converters can fetch more $400.00 while other small-ticket items like air filters can cost $50.00 a pop.

What should I do before bringing in my car?

To ensure you get what your car is worth and have a fuss-free sale, we recommend using the following checklist to prepare for your vehicle’s sale:

  • Have a look over your car to double check what parts can still be salvaged, what’s damaged, and other accessories in good condition that can be kept or sold elsewhere for a higher price.

    This will help you get the best deal possible when negotiating prices with the wreckers.
  • In order to sell your car, you’ll need to show proof of ownership, so make sure you have a form of photo ID and your car’s registration certificate.
  • Check your vehicle for any personal items before handing over your car.
  • Once you’ve successfully sold your car, remember to cancel your insurance, registration, sign over your title, and remove the number plates.

How does the car selling and payment process work?

First, we’ll get you to fill out a quick form which will give us some basic background information about your car. 

Then, one of our mechanics will conduct a thorough evaluation of your car to see what condition it’s in and provide a quote on how much each reusable auto part is worth. 

Whether you’ve got a car that is near the end of its life or is damaged beyond repair, you could be sitting on a few thousand dollars worth of parts. 

If you’re thinking of selling your car for cash, our experienced team will be happy to have a look over your used car for any parts worth salvaging. Give us a call today on 08 9459 8155!

Taking your car to an auto wreckers? Read these FAQs first