Where To Find Parts For Cars That Are No Longer On The Market

When it comes to cars, sourcing a part can at times be a huge hassle. While the more popular models have it fairly easy, finding parts for cars that are no longer in production can be a difficult and expensive exercise.

So, when your trusty old car needs a new part, where should you look? Before you start searching on eBay, consider seeing if you can find your part at a local auto wrecker.

Used car parts for every vehicle

There’s lots of advantages to using an auto wrecker for used car parts, but for out-of-production parts it can be a necessity. 

After a car goes out of production, its parts will be continued for several years, and other companies may also produce them after that. Usually after a car reaches between the five to 10 year mark, the company will cease production of many of its parts.

Even if you’re able to source a part through the original company, often you’ll find that they’re still very expensive.

Auto wreckers are far more likely to have your desired car part at a reasonable price, because we purchase cars at the end of their lives and reuse the functioning parts.

Just because the auto part is reused, doesn’t mean that it’s not reliable. In fact, many used car parts last just as long as new car parts. If you buy from us at Advanced Auto Wreckers, we offer a 3-month warranty, so you don’t need the constant worry that it will be a waste of your money.

While our speciality are Fords and Holdens, there are wreckers all around the world that offer a variety of different car parts. Looking for a specific Ford or Holden part? Check out our parts search here for those brands and more.

Cheaper and better for the environment

Car parts aren’t always the cheapest to purchase, especially if you have a more obscure car. Buying used car parts ensures that you are getting your parts at a better price, usually with a warranty, too. It also ensures that you’re reducing your carbon footprint.

As we know, cars aren’t exactly the most eco-friendly, so minimising your footprint as much as possible is important. When you source a used car part, you’re preventing that part from going to landfill and contributing to the circular economy.

You could have the opportunity to save money, time and waste.

Looking for a used car part in Perth?

If you’re looking for car parts for your out-of-production car in Perth, Western Australia, look no further than Advanced Auto Wreckers. 

Not only do we provide a huge variety of Fold and Holden car parts, from steering boxes to seat belts to handbrake levers, we also offer a small range of other brands for your convenience.

Even if you’re able to source parts elsewhere, often used car parts can be the right choice, for your wallet and the environment. Even if we don’t have the one you’re looking for currently in stock, we may be able to source it for you.

Not a car expert? That’s completely fine – we can fit your parts for you. We’ll both find the best part for your car and fit it, so you know that the job’s been done properly. 

We also offer general repairs and log book servicing for when you need maintenance. You shouldn’t have to know everything about cars to be able to source used car parts.

If you’re looking for a car part in Perth, get in touch to see if our team can help you. You can contact us on (08) 9459 8155 or email us at info@advancedautowreckers.com.au

Where To Find Parts For Cars That Are No Longer On The Market