What You Should Know When Buying Used Ford Fiesta Parts

The Ford Fiesta is a popular small car in Australia. With good looks, fuel efficiency, and smooth driving, the Fiesta has a reputation for being the ideal first car or city runabout. The Ford Fiesta was first launched in the 70’s, with new editions still being released today.

At Advanced Auto Wreckers (AAW) in Perth, we specialise in used car parts from selected Holden and Ford makes and models. This niche ensures we always have the parts you need, when you need them.

One of the vehicles we focus on is the Ford Fiesta, and we do our best to have a large range of components available. Before buying parts, this is what you should know:

New VS Used Car Parts

If your Ford Fiesta is out of action you will want to get it back on the road…as soon as possible! Buying new parts might seem like the quickest option, but this isn’t always the case. Used car parts can be a viable choice with a much cheaper price tag. 

When you choose a company such as AAW who is committed to your specific make and model, there is a high likelihood that we will have the parts on hand. We test used Ford Fiesta parts and only sell quality components, giving you peace of mind that your car will be safe. 

Remember, shopping with a local auto wrecker rather than online has its benefits. You will know exactly what you are getting, and who you are getting it from.

Can We Fix It? Yes we can! 

Selling quality used Ford Fiesta car parts isn’t the only thing we can do. We have a mechanical workshop located onsite, with a team of talented professionals ready to repair your car. 

We can supply you with parts and install them making it a convenient one stop service. Our mechanics aren’t only limited to Fords and Holdens, as they can perform routine logbook services on any vehicle. Make us your chosen mechanic for expert advice and a high standard of work…every time.

A Warranty Goes a Long Way

We are proud to offer a 3 month warranty on all of our used Ford Fiesta parts. This is an added guarantee that you won’t usually be offered online, and because we are local you can give us a call if you ever have any concerns.

Often people will only buy new parts because it sounds like a safer option, but with a warranty you will be guaranteed that it is a high quality component. 

Buy Parts for Your Ford Fiesta

The Fiesta may have evolved over the years, but it is still one of the best selling small cars in Australia. At AAW we have a range of parts available, and if we don’t have what you need right now we can usually source it for you. You can browse our online parts search to get started.

We can sell and install the right components, and always offer a warranty. It is because of this and our excellent customer service that we are one of Perth’s most reputable auto wreckers! 

What You Should Know When Buying Used Ford Fiesta Parts