What To Look For In A Used Car Engine

Is your Ford or Holden car engine damaged or showing warning signs that it is seriously failing? If the answer is yes, you might be looking for a used car engine in Perth. 

Shopping for a preloved engine can be daunting and time-consuming. Unless you are mechanically minded, it can be an expensive and stressful process. 

If you need a replacement engine, get in touch with our experienced and qualified team at Advanced Auto Wreckers. We specialise in Ford and Holden car parts in Perth and offer expert advice, quality parts, and convenient installation. 

To help make the process of engine replacement simple, we have compiled a list of top tips of what to look for when shopping for a used car engine.

Start with a trusted company

When searching for a reputable dealer, look for quality, safety, and transparent pricing. 

Unfortunately, some wreckers sell counterfeit products, exploit customers, and provide substandard services. 

This can cause a range of problems for your vehicle and put the safety of your car at risk. Rest assured that Advanced Auto Wreckers sell only safety tested, quality used car parts in Perth.

Check the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Engines can be expensive so it is important to find out the exact specifications needed for the replacement model. 

The VIN will contain specific information such as the engine code and date of manufacture. This information will help determine if the engine you buy is compatible with your vehicle. 

You can find the VIN stamp either on the engine block or engraved on the engine.

Know the difference between a short or long block engine

Do your research and find out if you need a short or a complete long block engine. The type you choose will make a big difference. While a short block is more affordable, there may be additional car parts to purchase. 

Short block engines are incomplete and usually require cylinder heads, gaskets, and oil pumps. 

If you can salvage these auto parts from the old engine, our mechanics at Advanced Auto Wreckers Perth can reuse them for you.

Research the history

Once you have found a used car engine that you are interested in buying, you should investigate its history. 

Query if the vehicle has been in an accident or if the engine has been rebuilt. Find out if the engine works, if it has been salvaged and when it was last used. 

All of this information can help you decide whether this is a viable solution for your Ford or Holden. 

For example, low mileage is an advantage due to reduced wear and tear on the components. 

Ask a mechanic for advice

Whether you want to have your engine installed professionally or you are considering a DIY project, our qualified mechanics at Advanced Auto Wreckers Perth can test, inspect, repair, and install any used car parts. 

For your peace of mind, ask a trusted mechanic to overview the process in the initial stages. A mechanic can verify the fit of the engine and check it for potential issues. 

Remember, it’s better to have an honest appraisal before installation than find out that after your expensive purchase your engine is cracked or doesn’t fit. 

Have a basic inspection

If you are feeling confident, you may want to inspect the engine yourself. 

First, open the engine hood. Then, check the wiring harness and the gasket valves, and look for any hose leaks or a clogged air cleaner. 

If the oil quality is substandard, slushy, or black, there could be piston, camshaft, or other lubrication issues, so it is worthwhile doing an oil check. If the oil smells burnt, this is a sign the engine is not in good health.

Check the compression level with a compressions test, or ask one of our mechanics to test it for you. 

If there is any leaking coolant, this could mean a cracked or broken radiator so you can ask for a replacement to avoid future issues.

Look for a warranty

A reputable used car part dealer will offer a warranty on your purchase. 

At Advanced Auto Wreckers, we give all of our customers a three-month warranty after purchase or installation.

Save time and money

Contact Advanced Auto Wreckers for your Ford or Holden used engine requirements in Perth. 

Our qualified staff can assist you with your project from start to finish. We sell quality used car parts for selected Holden and Ford models and have an onsite workshop for mechanical repairs.

What To Look For In A Used Car Engine