What To Know Before Buying Used Car Parts Online

Buying used car parts online can be a dangerous game, and for many, even car enthusiasts, the risk simply isn’t worth it. The affordability of secondhand car parts can in some cases be outweighed by the chance that you might be getting scammed or might be sold poor quality car parts.

If you decide to buy used car parts online, there are some things you need to know.

Is it from a reliable seller?

When you’re buying used car parts online, you want to know that you’re purchasing from a reliable seller. This means a person with experience with cars and auto parts and who is verified as an official parts dealer. While there is a place for ‘swap meets’ and eBay purchases, most of the time these are very hard to verify as authentic.

You also want to make sure you’re getting the specific part you need. It’s easy to accidentally order the wrong part or merely get sold the wrong piece. This can be an inconvenience at best; at worst, it can be dangerous and unsafe.

Does it come with a guarantee?

If you’re just buying a car part from a random seller, it probably won’t come with a guarantee. That means that, if it comes down to it and you run into any issues, you won’t be protected and will likely lose your money.

However, if you use a verified seller such as an auto wreckers, you will likely get at least a 3-month guarantee. At Advanced Auto Wreckers, you can search our online database and all parts will come with a 3-month warranty if installed by us. However, this does mean you will have to come into the workshop, which for some is not possible.

Will it arrive quickly?

If you need the part quickly, you might struggle buying auto parts online. Some parts might not come for several weeks, if not months, and you’ll be left in an awkward position until they arrive.

In a case of urgency, it might be better to source locally, for example from your local auto wreckers. That way, you can get your part immediately (if it’s in stock), rather than waiting weeks or months for a part that you don’t actually know the authenticity of.

Most people will source auto parts when they need them, rather than for an optional addition, and simply don’t have the time or ability to wait.

Is buying an online part right for you?

For some, buying an online part might be the correct decision or the only option, especially if you’re looking for an obscure car part. However, in many cases, you can source a part from an auto wrecker in your area and get a quality part you want but quickly.

If you need a part as soon as possible, often online sellers simply won’t work.

Advanced Auto Wreckers offer quality car parts with a focus on Holdens and Fords. We will also provide an installation service which will ensure that your part is under warranty for three months. We can also source a part for you if we don’t have it in stock.

If you’re looking for car parts in Perth, get in touch with us on our website or on (08) 9459 8155.

What To Know Before Buying Used Car Parts Online