What Kind of Warranty Is There On Used Car Parts?

One common misconception which comes with buying a used car part is that you are unprotected if the part is faulty. What kind of warranty is there on used car parts? A reputable auto wrecker should be able to provide you with a guarantee, and at Advanced Auto Wreckers we offer our customers a three month warranty which is valid from the time of sale.

What Kind Of Warranty Is There On Used Car Parts And How Do They Work?

How Do Warranties Work?

When you make a purchase, a warranty gives you the protection that the manufacturer will repair or replace the item if it is faulty. The warranty generally has a certain time period attached, for example 3 months, 12 months or 10 years. The length of the warranty depends on the type of goods purchased, but regardless of the duration it is generally a promise made in writing. A warranty is not limited to only new goods, but second hand goods too, and you should always enquire about this before purchasing any used parts for your vehicle.

Guarantees Do Vary

The protection you will receive will vary between wreckers and dealers, and the type of car part may also play a factor. For example, a second hand door won’t likely be covered due to accidental damage, whereas a more expensive replacement part like an engine will generally have a longer warranty period. We suggest adding to your protection by insuring your car in case of accidents, fire and theft to help keep you on the road. Keep in mind, a used car from a dealer should also come with some type of warranty.

Choose A Wrecker You Can Trust

For your peace of mind, we recommend doing your research before purchasing as often buying a used car part won’t come with the guarantee you need. This is particularly true if you buy from an individual on a buy swap sell website, as they won’t be subject to the same standards as an auto wrecker. Even with a warranty, having to change a part more than once can be time consuming and expensive if fitting is required. It is generally better to choose a local auto wrecker you can trust from the start, and at Advanced Auto Wreckers we only supply quality second hand parts which have been extensively tested prior to resale.

Don’t Forget There May Be Extra Costs

Purchasing online or from an interstate seller may encounter postage costs, and this could affect your warranty. If you are responsible for sending the product back, consider how much this might cost if there is a defect. It may even be cheaper to go back to the drawing board and find something new. Before purchasing second hand car parts, read the fine print to ensure you are getting what you pay for.

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What Kind of Warranty Is There On Used Car Parts?