This Is What You Should Expect From Your Holden Commodore Wreckers

As reputable Holden Commodore wreckers we always make good use of any salvaged auto parts. After dismantling a car, the removed parts are cleaned and tested for safety before becoming available to our customers. The remainder of the hulk is then sold for scrap metal processing and recycling. This process reduces the amount of rubbish going to landfill.

Have a Holden? This is what you should expect from your Holden Commodore wreckers.

Buying or Selling Holden Commodore Parts

If you have a Holden Commodore and are looking for spare parts, your first stop should be an auto wrecker specialising in the make and model of your vehicle. Alternatively, if you have decided to say goodbye to your Commodore, you will want to find a local auto wrecker who will give you a fair price.

Choosing an Auto Wrecker in Perth

Here are a few tips to help you to find a legitimate Holden Commodore wrecker who will offer the best possible value, quality and service:

Do your research. Find a wrecker who has the appropriate Motor Vehicle licenses. In WA specific regulations and licenses apply to businesses which dismantle vehicles and purchase separated auto parts.

Look for experience. A company that has been providing quality service for many years will be well respected and in your area. Customer service is always a priority, and a steady flow of regular customers is generally a good sign. Accredited, reliable businesses will no doubt employ courteous and experienced staff who will respond quickly and effectively to your requests.

Check their Holden knowledge. Businesses which specialise in Holden parts should have access to a wide range of safety tested used items, especially suited to your vehicle. With parts that are designed and manufactured specifically for your Commodore, your vehicle will be safer and more reliable. As Holden auto wreckers who selectively dismantle late model low km vehicles, you can expect us to provide a high quality service with a low wait time for stock. 

Find the full service. To ensure that your car is in good hands, reputable auto wreckers may have licensed mechanics who will efficiently perform repairs or fittings in the workshop. A three or six month warranty on reconditioned auto parts should be expected. Convenience, availability, and accessibility are all important to busy customers who want their car parts or repair work done quickly. As a reputable auto wrecker replacing Holden parts, we prove the process does not have to be time consuming, costly, or overwhelming.

Consider the environmental impact. Auto wreckers are obligated to adhere to the standards of the Environmental Protection Authority. The wrecking of vehicles should be done systematically to conserve natural resources and dispose of waste products in an environmentally friendly way. This includes protection from soil contamination.

Check their credentials. Look for an auto wrecker with an approved WA MTA membership. Businesses with MTA approval are kept updated with automotive industry information and  regulations. With access to continued professional development, WHS supervision, training and apprenticeship programs MTA members are well supported and informed.

Get in Touch

At Advanced Holden Auto Wreckers in Perth we have ticked all these boxes and more. We are passionate about Holden Commodores, and our friendly staff will be happy to discuss your buying or selling needs. If the parts you require are not in stock we have access to an extensive range of salvaged Holden parts through local suppliers.  Get in touch to find out more!

This Is What You Should Expect From Your Holden Commodore Wreckers