Is It Worth It To Fix Your Car?

As your vehicle starts to age it can suffer from general wear and tear. Parts begin to falter and making the decision whether it is worth it to fix your car, or whether it’s best to buy a new one can be difficult. Sometimes a few used parts may be enough to prolong its life, while other times it is best to say goodbye.  How do you know whether it is worth it to fix your car? Before making the trade for a newer model, ask yourself the following questions:

How Do You Know Is It Worth It To Fix Your Car?

What is Your Budget?

When determining if it is financially viable to repair your car, your budget will play an important role in the decision making process. Compare the cost of a new car including insurance and registration to the maintenance costs of your existing model to see how it measures up. If your current vehicle has finance attached to it, you will need to discuss with your bank whether it is realistic to purchase something new. Depending on the damage, your insurance company may be able to assist with some of the repair costs and is something worth investigating.

What is the Problem?

Some parts are relatively cheap to replace while others pose a more significant financial outlay. Before trading in your vehicle find out exactly what needs replacing. The remaining lifespan of your car may come down to how many kms it has travelled, but this varies depending on the model as some cars can outlive the 300,000km mark while others barely make it to 150,000km. For those who are hitting the high kms, issues such as those associated with timing belts, transmission and head gaskets can occur which are costly to replace and generally not worth repairing. On the other hand, a new battery or spark plug is simple and inexpensive to replace. Understand what is urgent and what can wait, as some repairs may be purely aesthetic.

What Have you Invested?

If you have done any major repairs recently it may be worth investing a little more to keep your vehicle on the road. If parts have been replaced with ones which are of high quality, you will likely see them go the distance. Some repairs will add to the value of your vehicle which could help you get a higher resale price in the long run. This is something you can discuss with your mechanic, as well as the potential short term cost of repairs vs long term cost of repairs. Consider whether fixing your car will extend the life and how much regular travel you have to do. If you have roadside assistance a run-around may be enough to get you from A to B for a while longer.

Can you be Resourceful?

It is always better to start searching for a new car before your old one is beyond repair, as giving yourself time will prevent you making a spur of the moment decision. When you have a trusted, qualified mechanic their advice will be invaluable and if you have some knowledge there is always the option to DIY some of the smaller repairs. Take the time to research online, get a second opinion and a quote before committing to any substantial financial outlay. Second hand parts are generally cheaper than new ones, and this is a viable option, but it is important to get a warranty.

Have your Needs Changed?

If you have had your current vehicle for a few years your needs may have changed. Perhaps it is time to upsize due to an expanding family, or you have a new job which requires you to travel longer distances. New cars do depreciate quickly but are generally more fuel efficient and come with a warranty. An ex demo model with low kms will still come with the same service but with a cheaper price tag. If purchasing a second-hand car, make sure you understand its history and know what to look out for.

When deciding whether it is worth it to fix your car, it comes down to your personal circumstances, budget and how significant the repairs will be. If you are looking for a used part, Advanced Auto Wreckers offer high quality, tested parts and a three-month warranty. Our team of qualified mechanics are based in Perth, WA and are able to expertly repair and fit parts for you. Please contact us today for more information.


Is It Worth It To Fix Your Car?