How Wreckers Are Helping The Environment by Recycling Parts

The words “cars” and “green” aren’t two things you would usually associate with one another, but when it comes to auto wreckers the environment is a priority. In Australia, the car wrecking industry is helping the environment by playing a strong role in the reduction of waste with hundreds of thousands of vehicles being recycled. While car manufacturers are finding ways to lower the emissions of their new car models, wreckers are helping to reduce the number of vehicles being dumped in landfill and left to rust.

How Else Are Car Wreckers Helping The Environment By Recycling Parts?

What Happens to Recycled Parts?

When a car is no longer roadworthy, there are a variety of ways it can be recycled. Insurance companies often have excess stock from claims they need to dispose of, and sometimes vehicles are simply beyond repair. The role of the auto wrecker is to strip the car for parts and resell or reuse anything which is still in top condition. This is becoming increasingly popular, as used parts are cheaper than new ones while often being quicker to source, particularly for older models. If there is any left over steel, it will then be crushed and can be used as scrap metal, giving it a new life as something else.

How This Is Helping the Environment

When car parts are recycled, it does make a difference. When you consider there are 19.2 million registered motor vehicles in Australia, anything we can do to eliminate waste is going to help the planet. Using second hand parts reduces the number of new items which need to be created, and saves some of the earth’s resources and metal reserves. There will be less new landfill created, and a lower instance of both air and water pollution as we will be using what we already have. When scrap metal is reused instead of iron ore, the Environmental Protection Agency suggests there could be an 86% reduction of air pollution, and a 76% reduction of water pollution. When people are able to sell their cars for scrap metal or used parts, they will be less likely to abandon them which is both unsightly and potentially hazardous for the environment.

A Win Win Scenario

For consumers, purchasing used parts is a win win scenario. On one hand you will be making an environmentally friendly choice, and on the other you will be saving money. Stock is often on hand or readily available, which will eliminate any long wait times which may occur when dealing directly with the manufacturer. Just because you are opting for second hand, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on quality. At Advanced Auto Wreckers we test all parts before sale and include a three month warranty for our customers.

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How Wreckers Are Helping The Environment by Recycling Parts