How To Look After Your Vehicle To Ensure It Lasts

Cars are an investment. We rely on them to get us safely from A to B, and keeping them on the road is a priority.

When you take care of your vehicle, you can increase its lifespan. Making minor repairs and taking it in for regular services can save you money in the long run.

But how can you look after your vehicle to ensure it lasts? What can you do at home, and when should you call in a professional?

Perform regular maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential to find and fix any minor problems before they become more significant ones. Not only can you enhance the car’s performance, safety, and reliability, but you could also save money on future repairs.

You can do a few simple maintenance checks yourself, but routine services with a qualified mechanic will help you flag any hidden issues.

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Check your tyre pressure 

Take the time to check your tyre pressure. You can do this at your local service station, and you can find the recommended settings in the car manual. 

Why do you need to check your tyre pressure? If the pressure is too low, then the tyre will be at risk of overheating and wearing down unnecessarily. If the pressure is too high, it can affect the traction and stability.

Book in for a wheel alignment

Over time your car may become out of alignment. Misalignment can affect the suspension and cause veering and vibration during driving. 

Signs that your car may need an alignment include uneven tyre tread and a feeling that the steering isn’t straight.

Adjusting the wheel angles can help to maximise tyre life and efficiency. It can also improve safety and give you more economic fuel consumption.

Monitor the fluids

Vehicles rely on a range of fluids, including brake fluid, coolant, steering and transmission fluid, and oil.

Brake fluid

Brake efficiency depends on having clean brake fluid that sits at the recommended level. Leaking fluid can cause brake failure, so regular brake and fluid checks can help prevent any problems. 

Brake fluid can absorb atmospheric moisture. You may end up with corrosion to the wheels, calliper cylinders, or metal lines. 

At times brake hoses or seals can become worn, and particles can contaminate the brake fluid.


Engines can overheat if the coolant level is too low. Low coolant can make it difficult to absorb and transfer heat through the radiator. 

An overheated engine can cause significant damage to car parts, so make sure coolant is always at the recommended level.  

Steering and transmission fluid

Power steering and transmission need fluid to keep them lubricated. If the fluids become too low, these parts can be seriously affected. 

Steering can become difficult, and eventually, your transmission may fail.


Oil is necessary to keep metal car parts lubricated. If it becomes low, thick, or dirty, the metal parts can rub together and cause friction. This friction can result in heat which can even meld metal parts together. 

Contaminated oil can erode any metal car parts.

Replace the windscreen wipers

Check your windscreen wipers and replace them if necessary, especially before winter weather sets in. 

Worn blades can impair visibility by causing smearing and can scratch your windscreen. It can also become a noisy distraction for the driver. 

Dirty windscreens can cause squeaking wipers. Wash and rinse the glass regularly, and refill your wipe and wash system. 

Check the lights and indicators

The dashboard has a series of lights to identify any issues with the engine. If there are any warnings, book in to see a mechanic as soon as possible.

Depending on the make, model, and age of your vehicle, oil, fuel, battery, and temperature are just a few possibilities of dashboard warning indicators. 

Check the headlights, indicators, and reverse and brake lights to ensure they are in good working order. 

Inspect the bodywork

If you want to keep your car in good condition, watch out for rust spots, scratches, and dints as they will spoil the look of your pride and joy. 

Rust can eat through the bodywork until, eventually, the car will depreciate. Too much wear and tear may mean an expensive trip to the panel beater and spray painter. 

Your Ford and Holden wreckers in Perth

If you take a little extra care and visit your mechanic for routine maintenance checks you can extend the lifespan of your vehicle. 

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How To Look After Your Vehicle To Ensure It Lasts