How Do You Know You’re Getting A Good Price At The Wreckers?

If you have a vehicle that is damaged beyond repair, selling it to an auto wrecker might be a good option. Not only will you clear your driveway, but you could also end up with some extra cash in your pocket. But how do you know you’re going to get a good price at the wreckers if you chose to sell it that way?

Auto wreckers purchase unwanted vehicles with viable parts that they can refurbish and resell. The remaining components can be broken down into scrap metal. Before you take this step it is important to understand how valuable your car is (or isn’t) to avoid getting ripped off. 

Here Are Our Tips To Know You’re Getting A Good Price At The Wreckers;

Find A Reputable Dealer

A reputable auto wrecker will operate with appropriate dismantler licenses and certifications for your state. Choosing a trusted company such as ourselves will give you the peace of mind that you are getting a fair price.

Unfortunately, some dealers take advantage of customers and will try and convince you that your vehicle has nothing of value. They may even convince you that you should pay THEM to take it away. This is generally not the case because even if there are no viable parts for reuse, the scrap metal can be sold.

A reputable dealer will have an expert check your vehicle and give an honest appraisal. They will also be able to explain what will be reused, recycled, or sent for scrap metal.

Evaluation By A Mechanic

To understand the true value of your vehicle, an evaluation by a trustworthy mechanic will provide you with the details of reusable or recyclable parts. Depending on the condition of the vehicle, it may also be sold for restoration or to a collector. 

Remember, reusable auto parts are in high demand and any parts in good condition are valuable to a wrecker. With this knowledge, you will be more prepared for liaison with the auto wrecker and less likely to be scammed.

Get An Accurate Quote

If you request an online quote from an auto wrecker you should give an accurate, detailed, and honest description of your vehicle. This will ensure your free estimate is in line with its true value. 

There are companies that will use a higher price quote to entice you to do business with them. Once you appear in person they can say they need to deduct from the estimate due to not having the correct details. This is another reason to be well prepared with an appraisal from a trustworthy mechanic so that you know your rights as a consumer.

How Much Do Wreckers Pay?

This is the biggest question people ask, but how much a wrecker will pay depends on a range of factors. As a general rule, scrap metal prices are determined by current market demand. Authentic parts can be of real value and certain car models are worth more than others. 

Systems such as suspension, brakes, shocks, steering, and transmission can also be valuable if they are in good working condition. If you remove some of the auto parts before selling to the wrecker you might be able to receive a higher price by personal sale. For example, if you can successfully remove the stereo system and rims, a private sale might be more profitable.

Finally, The Paperwork

To safeguard against dishonest auto wreckers you must receive a certificate to prove that you are no longer responsible for the vehicle. Remove the number plates, sign over your title, cancel your registration and insurance.

There are no circumstances that would allow a dealer to hold your vehicle without full payment!

If you want to know more about how to know whether you are getting a good price at the wreckers or if you’re looking at selling your car, get in touch with our friendly team today and see what we can do for you. 

How Do You Know You’re Getting A Good Price At The Wreckers?