Four Reasons You Should Send Your Junk Car To The Auto Wreckers

Whether it’s an instant obsession or a slow-burn romance, most of us end up loving the cars we drive.  After years of reliable commuting, endless drive-thru meals and on (or off) road adventuring, there comes a time when your sweet ride begins to falter and needs to be replaced by a new love.  Harsh, but true.

But what to do with your ailing car?  If it’s no longer functional and viewed as virtually worthless for a trade-in, you may want to think about selling it to the auto wreckers.  Here are four great reasons why.


What better way to honour your former car than by having its parts recycled?  Car wreckers are the experts when it comes to recycling vehicles, ensuring all usable parts are recovered from the body to be resold or reused, and that all parts that are not able to be utilised are either recycled or disposed of in a responsible, professional, sustainable manner. 

In a car, everything can be repurposed if it has enough life in it.  From tyres to car batteries, engine parts and electrical components, all these parts can be either sold on to be refitted in other vehicles, or sent to a remanufacturer to be restored or rebuilt. 

Once the usable parts of a car have been completely stripped and the fluids have been removed, the shell of your vehicle is processed down even further, with the removal of heating and cooling systems, wiring and any other leftover components to ensure that nothing recyclable is left.


In spite of what many people may think, a car that no longer works still hold a great deal of value.  A dismantled car is a veritable goldmine of reusable parts that may be of great value to the next owner (particularly if it’s a more expensive car part, such as a head gasket, transmission or engine).  

When a car generally stops working, or is deemed in not good enough condition to be resold, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all its parts don’t work – because most of them do.  Lights, seat upholstery, mirrors and alloy wheels are all parts of a car that can be stripped from the body of a car and repurposed.  Now that’s good value. 

Ease of disposal

If you’ve ever sold a car before, you’ll know what a jungle the used car market is.  Regardless of whether it’s a private or dealership sale, there’s usually that nagging feeling that you may be getting ripped off.  And you may well have.

When you dispose of your vehicle with an auto wrecker, there’s none of that.  Most car wreckers pay top dollar – and often in cash – for cars that are old, wrecked, unwanted or unlicensed.  They are often cars that wouldn’t fetch much (or anything) out in the marketplace anyway. 

One of the best things about selling your car to an auto wrecker is that, once it’s been approved and you’ve received a free quote, the business will drive out to and pick it up for disposal for you.  Many wreckers, such as Advanced Auto Wreckers in Maddington, even have their own in-house wreckers workshop.

And don’t wait around either.  The more you leave an unwanted car out in the elements to rust and deteriorate, the less money you’ll receive for it.


One of the great things about sending your unwanted car to an auto wrecker is that not only are you helping the environment, but you’re supporting local business as well.  Car wreckers can be found in cities all over the world, and there’s bound to be one near yo..  

In Perth, Advanced Auto Wreckers are located south of the river in Maddington, just a short drive from the CBD.  Choosing a local car wrecker means that they’ll be able to pick up your old vehicle quickly, strip it and sell the parts on to other car owners in your local community.  Now doesn’t that make you feel good?

If you have an old car you’re looking to be rid of, why not drop it off to the team at Advanced Auto Wreckers?  We’re the Perth car parts experts when it comes to the sustainable and thoughtful disposal of scrap vehicles that can be repurposed for their auto parts.  Give us a call today on 9459 8155 or contact us here.

Four Reasons You Should Send Your Junk Car To The Auto Wreckers