Finding Quality Used Car Parts In Perth WA

When you live in WA and need spare used car parts for your vehicle there are a few options.  You can pick up an expensive genuine part from a main dealership if they have stock, if not it can take days or weeks to arrive.  The online option may save you a dollar or two, but you still have to wait for delivery and cop a hefty freight charge.   You can take your chances with a non-genuine part from a large retailer or visit Advanced Auto Wreckers in Maddington. 

Why Choose Used Car Parts from Advanced Auto Wreckers? 

Advanced Auto Wreckers have been in the business in Perth for over 30 years.  We have a track record of being leaders in the dismantling industry and have built a reputation for providing exceptional customer service.  

Proud member of the Motor Trades Association (MTA) and preferred supplier to Capricorn (the biggest independent buying group in Australia), Advanced Auto Wreckers supply major car dealerships, workshops, garages, smash repairers and car enthusiasts in Perth and throughout Western Australia.

We are a trusted source for Holden and Ford spares because we only use or sell the best used parts we can find.  Everything salvaged onsite is tested before sale, plus we offer our customers peace of mind with our three-month warranty.

Genuine Used Car Parts At A Fraction Of Retail Price 

Finding Ford or Holden used car parts in Perth can be a time consuming headache.  Which is why using a local business with extensive stock and excellent product knowledge makes good sense.  

Advanced Auto Wreckers have thousands of salvaged car parts in stock and connections with qualified dealers throughout the Perth area.  If we don’t have the part you’re looking for in-house, we can tap into our trusted local network and locate the part quickly and efficiently.  

Quality used parts from Advanced Auto Wreckers are favoured by both DIY car enthusiasts and professional mechanics.   

Auto Parts And A Mechanical Workshop

We’ve covered all bases.  Our successful auto parts service in Perth is supported by our mechanical workshop, allowing us to provide our customers with professional servicing for vehicles of any make and model.  Options include general repairs, maintenance and log book servicing.  Our team of qualified mechanics are dedicated to providing our clients with reliable service and optimal results. 

Supporting Western Australian’s For Over 30Years

Advanced Auto Wreckers are committed to achieving excellence and maintaining a high standard of customer satisfaction.  We have been the go to suppliers in Perth for used parts for Fold and Holden vehicles since 1984.  With a huge stock list of quality used parts, many of which are listed in our online data base.  To make searching easier, our stock is filtered by year, make, model and part.

With thousands of salvaged items to choose from, the missing part you need could be just a click away.  If you can’t find what you are looking for, just give our friendly sales team a call on (08) 9459 8155, send an enquiry to or fill in the online form on our website.

Finding Quality Used Car Parts In Perth WA