Are Used Car Parts Reliable?

Used car parts haven’t always had the best reputation. For many, paying the extra money for a new car part is worth the extra cost and effort, since they appear more reliable.

However, new car parts often have issues too, and just because an auto part is new it doesn’t mean that it’s infallible. So, are used car parts actually reliable, and are the cost savings worth it?

Used car parts often come with the same assurances

When it comes to used car parts, you’re most likely to purchase them from an auto wrecker or online. Many online services and auto wreckers – including our company – offer warranties with their products. When you purchase a part from Advanced Auto Wreckers and have us install it, we offer a 3-month warranty, so you can have the security.

All of the car parts that we provide, which are mostly for Holdens and Fords, are quality items. If we detect that there may be an issue with a piece of equipment, we will not sell it to you.

In addition, we have a very experienced team and have been in the business for over twenty years.

Sometimes, it can depend on the situation

Used car parts can often be valuable and reliable and there shouldn’t be issues if you’re sourcing from a good quality wreckers. However, there are some situations where a used auto part is more appropriate than others. For example, a broken light is the perfect opportunity to implement a used car part and save money.

If it’s something more vital, such as brakes or alternators, you might want to seek advice from an expert on whether you should purchase new or used. While often used parts will be reliable, your safety is always the highest priority.

Is the seller legitimate? 

If you’re buying parts online, you want to make sure that, without a doubt, you are buying from a legitimate and experienced seller.

This means not purchasing off of a site such as Gumtree or eBay. While there are definitely some good sellers out there on these platforms, it’s too easy to get scammed to trust them. And, if you get pulled into a scam or sold an unsafe car part, this could potentially harm your safety.

A lower cost is great, but having affordability at the price of your safety isn’t worth it. Thankfully, when you buy from Advanced Auto Wreckers, you’ll know that all of our car parts are quality assured.

Another method of obtaining car parts are swap meets. Often, there’ll be car enthusiasts at these swap meets, so you are more likely to be speaking to somebody who knows a lot about cars. You might find a good part at a swap meet, but you won’t have a warranty and you don’t always know that the person you’re talking to is honest and reliable.

As always, you need to weigh up the pros and cons before deciding which avenue to take.

An auto wreckers can be a great solution

The positive side of choosing an auto wrecker to source parts from is that you’ll know that you’re being served by experienced people, you have a warranty, and the part is being installed by an expert.

Advanced Auto Wreckers have been around for over twenty years and we’re passionate about doing good by our customers.

In addition, one of the great perks of an auto wrecker is knowing you’re stopping a car part from going to landfill. Often, perfectly functional car parts are discarded without reuse, and this can be a serious environmental hazard.

By buying your car parts from a car wreckers, you know you’re reducing your expenditure while also decreasing your impact on the environment.

Looking for auto parts in Perth? Get in touch with our wreckers to get quality parts and a trusted opinion. 

Are Used Car Parts Reliable?