Why You Should Use Genuine Car Parts 

When you are looking to buy either used or new car parts it is important to ensure that these parts are genuine and designed specifically for your vehicle. So, for your safety and security, the team at Advanced Auto Wreckers are committed to supplying tested, genuine quality Ford or Holden car parts. There are many reasons that you should use genuine car parts at all times. 

The Difference Between Genuine And Non-Genuine Auto Parts… 

Genuine auto parts are those which have been made, approved and supplied by the vehicle manufacturer. They have been rigorously tested to ensure that they meet regulation standards for safety, quality and performance. Genuine parts do not have to be new to be fit for purpose. 

Using high quality, genuine used and reconditioned parts can be a good option for replacing broken or damaged parts. 

Non-genuine parts can look exactly the same, but they have not been approved or tested by the manufacturer of your vehicle. They also are not guaranteed to meet the essential safety and quality regulations. 

There are three main groups of non-genuine auto parts on the market: 

Counterfeit parts are illegal and difficult to distinguish from a genuine car part by simply looking at them. To make them look legitimate, the parts are often stamped with serial numbers and the logo of the car manufacturer. 

Parallel parts are made or approved by the vehicle manufacturer but not necessarily produced for Australian vehicles and road conditions. 

Aftermarket parts have not been produced or tested by the manufacturer of the vehicle as an integral vehicle component. Instead they have been manufactured by different companies as alternatives to genuine parts. 

3 Reasons To Buy Genuine New Or Used Auto Parts:

1. Safety 

Common non genuine auto parts include brake pads, lights, batteries, filters, tyres, seatbelts, airbags, windscreens, wheels, and electrical components. They may be cheaper and look real, but these parts are crucial components for vehicle safety and performance. 

Non genuine parts can be a serious safety risk if they are poorly produced, made of substandard materials, or not the right fit for your vehicle. For example, engine failure, fire risk, pr electrical failure may result from faulty components. Brake pads have been known to fail under pressure. 

Non genuine windscreens can shatter, and wheels can lose integrity during speed or on poor road surfaces. Fitting non genuine auto body parts which fail to meet crumple standards can cause injury in an accident. 

2. Warranty 

A warranty is the vehicle manufacturer or dealer’s promise to replace or repair defective parts or problems in a reasonable time frame. Some non-genuine car parts may not come with a warranty

In addition, if the part malfunctions or causes damage to the vehicle, the vehicle manufacturer can lawfully refuse to cover damage caused by the faulty part. Our used car parts always come with a three-month warranty.

3. Quality 

When buying non genuine auto parts there is no guarantee that they are of high quality and durability. Replacing auto parts with cheaper, substandard parts is not only a safety risk, but it may end up costing more in the long term. 

So, for peace of mind, when you need to replace, or repair certain components of your vehicle consider buying genuine parts. This will ensure that they are compatible and of the same quality as the original parts. 

We Make it Easier

The range of auto parts available on the market is enormous and can be overwhelming for those who are not mechanically minded. To save the stress of searching for what you think you need, it can be easier to go to your auto parts wrecker and ask for a genuine used part.

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Why You Should Use Genuine Car Parts