Auto Wreckers- Where You Should Look For All Your Ford Parts In Perth 

Sometimes we take our cars for granted, until they aren’t working as they should! If you rely on your Ford to get you from A to B, any damaged parts could take your car off the road, affecting all areas of your life. Often replacing ford parts in Perth is a viable option, but it can be difficult knowing where to look.

It may be tempting to buy new parts directly from the manufacturer, but there are cheaper alternatives. Your auto wreckers should be the first place you look for all your used Ford parts in Perth.

Why Your Auto Wrecker Is The First Place To Look For Used Ford Parts In Perth..

Saving You Money

When you buy second hand Ford parts in Perth, you could potentially save a significant amount of money. Your auto wrecker will be able to provide you with a high quality part, at a fraction of the cost. Often these parts are barely used or taken from cars that have superficial damage. 

It makes sense to enquire at your auto wrecker first, before looking at more expensive options.

Supporting a Local Business

The convenience of online shopping has meant almost anything can be purchased from the comfort of your own home, including Ford car parts. However, buying from your Perth wrecker will help to support the local economy. 

You will still get a bargain, but with the added service that only comes from a business in your region. At Advanced Auto Wreckers we understand the benefits of online convenience, and we have created an online portal to showcase some of our available used Ford car parts in Perth.

Real Guarantees

When you purchase used parts from an auto wrecker, you will have the advantage of a warranty. It is important to consider that any part acquired online or from a buy swap sell website will not have this guarantee, making it a lucky dip as to whether it works or not.

We offer a three month warranty on any used Ford car parts in Perth, and we test each component for strength and durability before reselling. It is this peace of mind that makes an auto wrecker a better way to shop.

An Extensive Range

Sometimes ordering new can lead to a slow wait time, especially if the item has to come from interstate or overseas. Auto wreckers generally have a stockpile of the most common parts, and at AAW we specialise in Ford and Holden models. This stock accessibility can help to get your car back on the road quicker.

If your wrecker doesn’t have the part on hand, they will usually have contacts that can source them for you.

A Mechanical Workshop On Site

You may be able to locate the part you want, but do you really want to try to DIY install it? When you look at your auto wreckers for all your Ford parts in Perth, find a company with a mechanical workshop located onsite.

This one stop shop will give you the parts you need with a warranty, and access to an experienced mechanic who can fit them for you.

Ford Car Parts in Perth

When you check your auto wrecker first, you may be surprised by the range, affordability, and customer service they offer. Contact us today and we will do our best to supply you with quality parts for your Ford or Holden.


Auto Wreckers- Where You Should Look For All Your Ford Parts In Perth