The Car Parts You Should Always Buy New

Replacing faulty auto parts with new ones can be a costly exercise. Buying used parts can be a cheaper alternative and we can offer you a wide range of quality, refurbished and tested auto parts. We specialise in Holden and Ford models and are located in Maddigan, WA.

While there are financial and environmental benefits to buying used, it is a good idea to do some research before you proceed. Regardless of the extra costs there are some car components which are vital to the operation and safety of your vehicle, and should be replaced with new ones. 

These parts can include:


There are multiple parts which make up your car’s brake system. As the whole system needs to be in good working order it is important to consider whether or not you want to risk replacing worn parts with second hand parts. Brake cylinders, brake lines, pads, rotors, and calipers are all crucial components which need to be functioning well. 

It can be hard to determine the true condition and history of second hand brake parts so replacing with used parts requires caution. For example, the vehicle they came from may have been in an accident, it could be a different model to your vehicle, or it may have done extensive kilometres.

Seat Belts

You need to be cautious when altering or replacing seat belts because they are crucial for the protection of you and your passengers. Replacing these with used parts is a safety risk. It is important to note that there are government regulations prohibiting the sale of previously installed seat belts.

This is for good reason because an accident can cause stress to the seat belts, and installing these in your own vehicle could leave you unprotected in the case of an emergency. Any alterations to seat belts should only be undertaken under the advice of a qualified engineer.

Spark Plugs

It is recommended that any used spark plugs are substituted for new ones. To get the most of your spark plugs they should fit perfectly and have the correct nose thread and diameter, as well as an electrode design suited for the make and model of your vehicle. Most spark plugs are made so that there is no way to replace any of the parts without destroying its function, and they should always meet the specifications set by the car manufacturer. 

Hoses and Belts

If you are replacing cooling components such as belts and hoses, you should install correctly fitted new ones. This will help to prevent any overheating problems or leakage. Any new cooling components should display the right part number for the make and model of the vehicle. Used hoses may have invisible holes, be hard, brittle, soft, or cracked.


Installing steering parts second hand can have serious consequences as steering components are critical for safe driving. The wheel is designed to minimise driver impact during a collision. 

There are certain regulations and ADR (Australian Design Rule) requirements which you will need to comply with if you are considering the best option for replacement. It is important that any replacement steering wheel is firmly padded and must be able to bend on impact. If there are any cracks or loose parts on the wheel it can be dangerous.

At Advanced Auto Wreckers we are experienced in buying and selling used car parts. We even have a qualified mechanic on hand who can service your vehicle and replace any components as required. Our team has years of experience, and we can offer you advice on whether to buy new…or used!

The Car Parts You Should Always Buy New
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