The Auto Trade – Now And Then

Only a generation ago, it was quite normal for people to keep the same car year after year, and fix it up as and when necessary down at their local repair shop. Garage man hour rates were relatively low, which meant that it was economical to keep old cars for longer. Inexpensive spare parts could be obtained from the local scrap yard, although finding the right spare part could be more a matter of luck than judgement! That’s the way the auto trade was. 

The Auto Trade Is Not What It Used To Be

Car ownership and the auto trade has changed significantly in the last few decades. The relative cost of new cars has fallen and it is now the norm to obtain a new car on finance every few years. Insurance companies have become increasingly risk averse, and stringent policy conditions mean that most even relatively minor bumps and scrapes need to be repaired expediently, sometimes only using stipulated (OEM) parts and pre-approved services.

In addition, the cost of getting even the most simple repair job done has increased due to rising labour costs. These days, even most basic vehicle makes and models are considerably technologically advanced, with optional features available for today’s motorist such as GPS tracking, reverse parking camera, adaptive cruise control and smartphone integration, meaning there is more to go wrong.

As a result, the average age of cars on the road has fallen and the balance between CAPEX (the cost to buy a car) and OPEX (the cost of running a car) has shifted. It is easier to buy a new car, but the running and repair costs tend to be higher. As a result, cars are more likely to be an economic write-off even if the damage is only minor, and these cars will usually end up at an auto-wrecker. 

Be Vigilant When Purchasing Spare Parts

For everyday basic car parts (wheels, tyres, light clusters, wing mirrors etc), there are more options available than ever before if your car needs a simple replacement job. Unfortunately, unregulated recyclers have secured a significant corner of the auto spares market, and in the past decade more and more consumers have been tempted by the low cost and ready availability of car parts online. Buying from these companies often carries a risk as the parts do not typically come with any guarantees and you can never be completely sure of what you’re getting.

The Advantages Of Dealing With Auto Wreckers

Good customer service is the key to establishing a successful business, and a reputable and accredited auto wrecker will be regulated, and run by courteous and experienced trade professionals. They check and test all their parts, and will generally catalogue all their items online enabling you to filter and search for the specific part you need. They will respond to your calls and emails and fulfil your orders in a timely and reliable manner.

A good auto wrecker may even have an onsite workshop to carry out repairs, and their qualified mechanics tend to charge a very competitive fee. Getting replacement parts fitted by an expert can be important for your vehicle’s safety, and may need to be guaranteed to meet insurance requirements.

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The Auto Trade – Now And Then